Secret project


Secret client, 2017

While further details of this project are still under wraps, some of the development has been captured below. 

Clacker development

The project centred around creating a camera that, while digital and modern, would also harken back to the feel of a film camera in its feel and sound. Off the shelf options such as vibration motors and transducers were tested, but did not provide the desired feel - requiring us to make our own. 

After making a proof of concept, I iterated the design through several 3D printed prototypes until a reliable, compact clacking mechanism was achieved. It was essential to minimize its footprint due to the spatial constraints within the camera. 

The final mechanism design was comprised of a compact planetary gear motor, housed with a linear gear assembly that generated the sound and feel when operated. This was designed for production CAD, and manufactured in 200 quantity. 

USB Lanyard

Another feature of the camera was to upload its contents via an embodied USB cable. Early on, I conducted some exploration to try and innovate on the classic cable. What if we could take it beyond being just a clunky neccessity into something that extended the cameras visual and functional appeal? 

We settled on a cable that could be stored compactly, or used as a loop to hook onto a backpack or keychain. A number of mechanisms to facilitate this were developed, from a simple housing cavity to a spring loaded ejection and locking mechanism. The concept was eventually shelved, but I succeeded in developing a functional and reliable USB ejection system. 

Riyadh Rateme 2018 — London, UK